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Welcome to MathFinance, the quantitative finance advisory firm. We specialize in the development of state-of-the art models for trading, sales and risk management. We focus strongly on FX options, the volatility surface and structured derivatives, where we have our in-house software. Our team of experts has a strong quantitative background and many years of practical experience in front-office environments as quants, structurers and traders. This ensures that you get best practice solutions and cutting edge implementation.

Our affinity to both the industry and the academia lets us approach and tackle a problem from all possible angles and provides a tailor-made solution grounded on both extensive research and hands-on practice.

MathFinance, founded by Uwe Wystup in 2003, is an independent consulting and software company specializing in risk management of derivatives in all asset classes. Our pricing libraries, consulting in exotic options and structured products, independent studies have been used by a variety of banks, asset managers, and software companies.

We offer in-house and public derivatives trainings and organize the annual MathFinance Conference in Frankfurt since 2000. Our best-seller course that runs from Sydney to Salt Lake City is Foreign Exchange Derivatives.

We have a long record of acting as independent expert witness in assisting law firms, courts, private individuals in delivering expert reports in both arbitration and litigation cases in London, Singapore and Austria.


Our Passion

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Model Consulting

We implement and validate valuation and risk models, review and document models, independently value structured products. With our in-house software MFVal we model the FX Volatility Surface or Yield Curve based on standard market quotes. Our clients use our library for both model validation and in a live trading environment.

Expert Witness

For many years, several courts and law-firms have used our conflict resolution service, independent expert reports and expert witness services, specialized in derivatives, structured products and long-term investment plans. We are unique as we combine academic rigor with capital markets experience.

Derivatives Training

We provide in-house training and coaching on derivatives, models and structuring. Delegates from more than a hundred banks have been trained in FX Options. MathFinance also produces the annual content-driven quantitative finance Conference in Europe.


MathFinance is an independent consulting company dedicated to quantitative finance for pricing-, hedging- and risk management models on financial markets. We validate, develop and implement best practice and high end solutions for financial institutions, institutional investors, corporate and public organizations. We help market participants and legal courts understand market requirements and processes through training programs, expert reports or conflict resolution services.
We act on a global scale.


We are one of the internationally recognized high-end consulting companies in the field of quantitative finance, staying independent, middle-sized. We are a key partner for major market participants for making quantitative finance work in practice. Our clients are banks, insurance and re-insurance companies, funds or family offices and public organizations looking for solutions to enhance their currency, equity and interest rate derivatives business.


We believe in high quality standards and long term client satisfaction,  honesty and integrity in business as key elements. This also means that our clients keep coming back as they are convinced of our quality and expertise. The combination of academic background and practical experience renders a unique outlook to all our projects. We are happy to deal with each of our clients individually and professionally, and in the deeper understanding of working cultures all over the world.
We support green energy and projects with social responsibility.