Vertically and Crosswise


With constantly moving spots MathFinance has moved its Frankfurt office to Kaiserstraße 50, located between the central station and the old ECB building. Looking at the Frankfurt map, this was a vertically and crosswise move.

When packing the cartons, I found a book on vedic mathematics and have a small story to share.

The third of sixteen Sudras of the Indian Atharvaveda states:

Vertically and Crosswise

This is meant to be the recipe for mental arithmetic, particularly for multiplication of numbers, which has been explained by Jagadguru Swami Sri Bharati Krsna Tirthaji Maharaja in his book on vedic mathematics. Let me illustrate it by multiplying 111 with 109. We consider Table 1.

Newsletter December 2019 Vertically and Crosswise - MathFinance

Table 1: Vertically and crosswise multiplication of numbers

Crosswise means that you can either add 11 to 109 or 9 to 111, which adds up to 120 in either case. The vertically listed numbers 11 and 9 need to be multiplied and yield 99. The result is 111 × 99 = 12099. One says that the multiplication symbol × originated from this vedic method of multiplication. Our readers will have figured out by now that this is simply based on (x+a)(x+b) = x(x+a+b) +ab, as we would learn it in middle school (without Table 1 being shown).

The book contains much more on divisions, divisibility, squares, square roots, and many more details on osculators and dvandvayoga. And apparently, somebody put some of my slides here: https://www.slideshare.net/sumanramanujancamford/vedic-short

We look forward to seeing on the London MathFinance conference on 30-31 March at Caray Wharf, and wish our readers, clients and friends a happy, healthy and prosperous new year 2020, with all options open of course.


Uwe Wystup

Managing Director of MathFinance

P.S. From 2020, the MathFinance Newsletter will be published bi-monthly, with the next edition to appear end of February.

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This year the theme of the first day of the conference lies around Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the field of Quantitative Finance. The second day will focus on quantitative finance subjects with a specific focus on FX Derivatives. This year we are especially pleased to welcome Dr. Bruno Dupire, who is best known for his contributions to local volatility modelling and Functional Ito Calculus , Dr. Jesper Andreasen aka “ Kwant Daddy” who received the Risk Magazine’s Quant of the Year award in 2001 alongside other distinguished speakers from the world of finance and academics.

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