The bridge between
investment banking and
academic research

Derivatives Training

We provide in-house training and coaching on derivatives, models and structuring. Delegates from more than a hundred banks have been trained in FX Options. We also organize quant training programs for banks (trading, risk management, model validation) on financial products, valuation, modeling, risk management and applications.

Individual coachings to adress all your specific questions

In-house derivatives training

Public courses

Design and production of bank-wide training programs

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Structured Forwards
for Corporates

1 hr webinar by Uwe Wystup

FX Accumulators
and Target Forwards

25 min audio lecture by Uwe Wystup

Upcoming Trainings

FX Options 19. – 23.02.2018 Frankfurt School, Frankfurt Uwe Wystup
FX Options 25. – 26.04.2018 Uni Antwerp Uwe Wystup
FX Exotic Options 18. – 20.06.2018 LFS London  Uwe Wystup
FX Exotic Options 24. – 26.10.2018 LFS Singapore Uwe Wystup
FX Exotic Options 28. – 30.11.2018 LFS London Uwe Wystup
FX Exotic Options 10 – 12.12.2018 MathFinance, Frankfurt Uwe Wystup

On demand courses:

Numerical Methods in Finance

(Monte Carlo Simulation, PDE Methods, Greeks, Integration, Stochastic Volatility, Transform Techniques)
Uwe Wystup


Vedic Mathematics

(Mental Arithmetics the Ancient Indian Way)
Uwe Wystup