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New 5-month online course: master the most advanced quantitative techniques for investment Management.


The ARPM Marathon ensures a deep absorption of the ARPM Certificate body of knowledge. The course is delivered online in 120 hours of lectures over 5 months, 3 lectures per week, 2.5 hours each. Recorded lectures with notes are made available for 1 year from enrolment, to absorb the contents on a different schedule, at your own pace.

ARPM Marathon program covers 3 refereshers and 4 modules:

The course is delivered online in 120 hours of lectures over 5 months, 3 lectures per week, 2.5 hours each. Recorded lectures with notes are made available for 1 year from enrollment, to absorb the contents on a different schedule, at your own pace. Optional math and coding (Python/MATLAB) refreshers are available.

Refresher-Mathematics (10 hours)
Refresher- Coding (Python) (10 hours)
Refresher – Coding (Matlab) ( 10 hours)
Financial Engineering for Investment (25 hours)
Data Science for Finance (37 hours)
Quantitative Risk Management (25 hours)
Quantitative Portfolio Management (30 hours)

Modules can also be taken individually, and followed at one’s own pace pver one year, starting any time.


The ARPM Marathon includes access for 1 year to the ARPM Lab, which provides all the study materials along different channels:



Feedback and assistance

Feedback on submitted homework and discussions one-on-one with the instructors during office hours are available to guide you toward the (optional) ARPM Certificate.

Career Services

Employers have been trusting ARPM for years with the growth of their talent, and regularly inquire with us about new talent. ARPM commits to connect those candidates who successfully complete the ARPM Marathon and attain the ARPM Certificate.

Group discounts available!