Why Call Prices Decrease as the Probability of Up-Jumps lncrease?

– A Riddle from the World of Jump Diffusion Processes

The Riddle: Recently, Sebastiaan Van Mulken, a student n my class on Monte Carlo Simulations and FX Derivatives Markets at the University of Antwerp approached me with the following quest on:

Why do the prices of a call opt on go down if we increase the probability of up-jumps?

First I asked him, whether he is sure he used a call opt on, rather than a put opt on instead and he responded with the graph in Figure 1, which shows that both the call and the put prices go down as the probability of an up-jump increases. Normally we would have expected that put prices decrease and call prices increase.

MathFinance Newsletter Editorial – August 2021- Why Call Prices Decrease as the Probability of Up-Jumps lncrease? - MathFinance

Figure 1: Prices of call and put options in the Kou model as a function of the probability of up jumps

This jump-diffusion riddle is puzzling, but I am sure you can solve it on your way home tonight, and the good news is that in the course of preparing the solution, one can revisit many of the concepts of stochastic processes and probability theory, the calculations of transforms, the connection between transforms and moments, and generally have a real intellectual fun ride.  You may start with revisiting Kou’s double-exponential jump-diffusion model and the corresponding pricing formula for vanilla options prepared by Lewis. The full solution will be made available here as pdf.


Uwe Wystup, founder and managing director of MathFinance AG



  1. Kou, S.G. (2002). A Jump Diffusion Model for Option Pricing. Management Science 48, 8 (2002), pp. 1086-1101.
  2. Lewis, A. L. (2001). A General Option Formula for General Jump-Diffusion and other Exponential Lévy Processes. optioncity.net. Available at SSRN http://dx.doi.org/10.2139/ssrn.282110


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